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Zucchini & Carrot Quiche Recipe

Zucchini & Carrot Quiche Recipe

Zucchini & Carrot Quiche Recipe

Note: The following recipe is from Beating Arthritis: Alternative Cooking written by Baker Dan, published by Baker Dan, LLC, © 2013.

Ingredients for 12 portions:

Ingredients for 12 portions:

2 lbs 2oz (950g) (5 medium) zucchini

1 lb 6oz (610g) carrots

2oz (57g) parsley

8 large eggs

1 tsp (0.21oz, 6g) sea salt

1 cup (4.59oz, 130g) wild rice, cooked

7oz (198g) polenta or medium ground cornmeal


Shred vegetables in a food processor

Put in a mixing bowl.

Add eggs, salt, cooked wild rice (see recipe, p. 107) and polenta.

Mix well in the bowl.

Line the sides of a large rectangular baking pan (12 x 17) with strips of baking paper; dampen the paper first so that it will adhere to the sides of the pan.  Make sure to leave ½-inch margins on the bottom of the pan.

Line the pan with a silicone baking sheet to prevent the quiche from sticking.

Sprinkle the silicone baking sheet with water.

Spread the polenta evenly on the baking sheet.

Give the ingredients one last mix to make sure the eggs are well distributed and evenly spread the mix in the pan.

Use a pastry scraper to even out the mixture.

Bake at 425F for 28 minutes. Adjust the oven to Broil and broil for one minute.

Open the oven, rotate the pan and broil for another minute. Let cool for 5 minutes.

Put a cutting board on top of the quiche and flip the baking pan onto another cutting board.

Peel off the baking paper first. Starting at a corner and going diagonally, peel off the silicone baking sheet.

The quiche is now upside down. Cover it with the free board and flip it back onto the other board.

Cut and serve warm.

TIP: For topping, add strips of freshly cut avocado.


Nutrition facts:

Portions: 12

Amount per portion:


Calories 150                          Fat Cal. 35                      Total Fat 4g (6%DV)

Sat. Fat 1g (6%DV)                Trans Fat 0g                   Cholest. 140mg (47%DV)

Sodium 290mg (12%DV)   Total carb. 22g (7%DV) Fiber 3g (11%DV)

Sugars 5g                                Protein 7g                      Vitamin A (160%DV)

Vitamin C (35%DV)               Calcium (6%DV)             Iron (15%DV)


Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

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