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Publishers Weekly Released a Glowing Review of “Beating Arthritis: Alternative Cooking”

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Baker Dan received a glowing review from Publishers Weekly, the standard of the publishing world in the USA.  The following is the exact quote (Publishers Weekly, March 23rd, 2014, p. 51, Nonfiction Reviews).

Beating Arthritis: Alternative Cooking

Baker Dan, illus. by Mira Blushtein.

Baker Dan LLC, $25 paper (130p) ISBN 978-0-9894380-1-8




Arthritis is one of many chronic diseases

that prompts its victims to drastically

change their diet. In this cookbook, Dan

offers up recipes that are free of gluten,

dairy, sugar, and/or fat. Complete with

detailed nutritional information and recommended

pairings, the book covers everything

from salads and soups to entrees

and desserts and includes

recipes such as seared

yellowfin tuna with zucchini

and carrots, kabocha and wild sardines quiche, avocado-

cucumber salad, and fruit compote.

Dan—who has been diagnosed with palindromic

rheumatoid arthritis—provides

recipes that are clearly presented with

easy-to-follow instructions and tips.

These healthy and delicious dishes will

appeal to anyone with a restricted diet,

while also providing hope and help to

readers living with chronic disease.


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