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Kirkus Reviews gave Baker Dan a Glowing Review

Beating Arthritis: Alternative CookingKirkus Reviews gave Baker Dan’s debut book “Beating Arthritis: Alternative Cooking” a glowing on April 9th, 2014. Here is the link:
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This alternative cookbook offers a variety of foods that aid in the alleviation of arthritis in the form of creative recipes that veer away from the conventional.
Baker Dan, author and chef, begins this cookbook with a detailed explanation of different nutrients and the way in which they help control and alleviate pain from arthritis. Diagnosed with Palindromic Rheumatoid Arthritis, the author learned how to engage in alternative cooking, a process in which fewer ingredients are used to prepare meals that reduce inflammation and also satisfy the taste buds. The author posits a central theory: The effects of a food are primary, and gratification from eating is secondary. Eliminating foods that exacerbate inflammation is central to the recipes in this book, and each reader has the freedom to determine which foods to eliminate, whether that’s wheat-based ingredients, meats, certain spices or meats. Organized into categories such as soups, salads, vegetarian dishes, quiches, fish and chicken, the author presents many tasty recipes that depart from traditional fare. For example, the popcorn salad combines popcorn and apples, while the squash soup recipe contains wild sardines. Perhaps the most compelling area of the cookbook is the vegetarian section, which contains exciting combinations, from polenta topped with avocado to seared yams and zucchini and carrots mixed with wild rice. Periodically accompanied by photos, the recipes are colorful and full of healthy nutrients, while mostly light on calories and fats. Baker Dan cites reputable research in the beginning of the cookbook to support the idea that proper nutrition can replace anti-inflammatory medications that can come with a host of side effects such as memory loss, digestive trouble and insomnia. The author also lays out a three-step plan for each individual reader to discover his or her own food intolerances, which includes eliminating foods and then slowly reintroducing them to gauge physiological changes or reactions. Readers who wonder whether they suffer from gluten intolerance or negative reactions to certain foods may enjoy this particularly simple process that doesn’t require deprivation.
A colorful, thorough cookbook that introduces a variety of recipes for those suffering from arthritis.

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